Well, the day is almost here. This Thursday, at the Natural Products Exposition in Baltimore, Waldman Naturals will officially introduce Kickers® powdered food enhancer to the trade. After almost three years of development, I am both excited and humbled by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the natural foods space.  

Although I created the concept, I owe it to the multitude of family members, friends, colleagues, and coaches who inspired, motivated, and challenged me to take action to live my dream. Each one of them provided me with a boost of confident to face my fears and take action and it has made all the difference. Rather than just writing down a plan on a piece of paper, day by day, slowly but surely, I took small steps forward, with an ocassional trip backwards, but kept on chugging along making progress untl my dream became a reality. 

I am grateful to have surrounded myself with Wingmen, trusted partners in business and life, including my identical twin brother and Chief Wingman, Rob 'Waldo' Waldman. Rob is the epitomy of a Wingman and is a real live WINGMAN having served in the Air Force as a combat decorated fighter pilot for many years before becoming a professional leadership speaker and author. I also have a wonderful family unit at home including my wonderful girlfriend, Anita, who have been there by my side, supporting me and lifting my spirits when the challenges became overwhelming. Thank you with all my heart to her and to the many others who have helped me along the way. 

As my team members and I work towards building a successful, meaningful business, we hope you vist this blog often to learn more about Kickers®, tasty recipes, our work with The Wingman Foundation, health and fitness tips, and a variety of other topics. We will do our best to provide an engaging experience for all who visit this site and ask that you provide your feedback and input whenever possible. 

Thank you,

Dave Waldman, Founder and CEO