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My name is Dave Waldman and I'm on mission to help you live a healthier more active life!

At the age of 40, soon after becoming a father, I decided to to make a commitment to learn everything I could about health, fitness, and nutrition.  Within a year and after a lot of hard work, I got into the best shape of my life and looked and felt better than I had in years. Having a competitive spirit, I decided to train for my first drug-free bodybuilding competition and took home a respectable third place trophy. After several years of competing, I fulfilled my dream of becoming an All-Natural bodybuilding champion by winning the Bantamweight Title at the 2012 All-Natural INBF Mr. America Championships in New Jersey.

Since then, I've become a NASM certified personal trainer, a respected fitness and nutrition authority, and still complete as a lifetime drug-free competitive bodybuilder. All this led to the creation of Kickers® powdered fruit blends in the kitchen of my Charlotte, NC home. 

I believe that anyone, regardless of their age or gender, can make simple adjustments to their nutrition, exercise habits, and most important, their way of thinking, in order to achieve their health and fitness related goals. The key is to align yourself with Wingmen: Trusted and reliable partners who help keep you focused, on track, and accountable. It all starts with the right state of mind to help set you on the right course of action!

I want to be YOUR FITNESS WINGMAN so I've gathered a team of my most trusted healthy living advisors to provide you with the content you and your family needs to live healthier, happier, more productive lives. 

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I'm excited to be YOUR FITNESS WINGMAN and look forward to hearing from you!  Dave